White Beards Landing Gazetteer

Baronial Population and Statistics
*The Year of The Trumpet

Chainspire Fortress

The main bulwark of White Beards Landing.


The North Land’s west coast (near about where Telemark and Hedmark can be found) is about 288 miles east by north east or 292 miles due east. If travel by longship, on either heading, with an average speed of 3 mph than you can expect the trip to roughly 97 hours or 4 days.

Sailing ships (merchant cogs and such) and warships (cogs, caravels and carracks) average 2 to 3 mph respectively. So on those vessels, with no other variables, travel times for the same destination would be equal or a bit longer. Say, closer to 6 days.

White Beards Landing Gazetteer

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