Blue Company

The Blue Company was formed on 18th of hammer when the Vyshaantarii mage, Cerulyiann hired the group to retrieve a family heirloom. At the time, the group consisted of


  • Sir Baalthazar Kimbagktuul – dragonkith Knight that hails from Zakhara bt has taken to the Cormyrian life.
  • Shedinn Kimbagktuul – Baalthazar’s sorcerer brother who has taken to Cormyrian ale.
  • Dorm Stonebeard – Dwarven priest of Moradin. He hails from the dwarven kingdom of Morridan.
  • Falin Hogar – A human sell-sword from parts unknown.
  • Maximus Thrax – a noble from the barbaric wilds of Grimhold.
  • Cerulyiann – Elven mage of the Vyshaantarii Empire.

Adventuring Charter for The Blue Company


Blue Company

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