Tales from the Road Less Traveled

An Invitation to Council

A gentle rap came upon the Seraphus the Sage’s door. Quick, yet light, as if the person knocking did not want to interrupt the sage in his studies. Seraphus thinks that it is wasted gesture as he was interrupted none the less. With a huff, the old hermit storms towards the door accidentally knocking over stacks of books in the process. It had been months since the elf girl left and Seraphus thinks he would have been better off if she had never cleaned his tower. With the new abundance of space, the old sage had stacked books precariously around the tower until it had become a labyrinth of dusty tome and forgotten lore. Shuffling as quickly as he could to show his impatience is lost on his caller who could not hear his grumbles or the falling of books from the outside. With a sharp tug, the sage pulls the door open with a force that belies his age. The young boy on the other side is stunned into silence.

“Well out with it; I haven’t got all day,” snaps the sage. The boy, no more than twelve winters thrusts the sealed letter towards Seraphus.

“Beg pardon, good sage. A decree, or summons; no, sorry, a message from Lord Ballspar of White Beards landing.” The lad looks down until Seraphus takes the letter and quickly excuses himself from the meeting.

The old sage stares ominously with one eye, until the boy is out of sight before closing the door and examining the letter. The message holds a wax seal of a rearing dragon which Seraphus carefully removes and stores in one of the drawers of his apothecary. The old codger spends the better part of the afternoon searching for his specatacles, lamenting the fact that his assistant, the elf maiden that left with the dragonborn, was not there to tell him where it was. Finally, Seraphus sits in his favorite chair, adjusts his spectacles and reads the lord’s missive.

To the wise sage Seraphus,

It has been many months since we have spoken and I find that I am in need of council. As you may no doubt know, I have been entrusted with the safety of White Beard’s Landing. As the raiding season for the giants draw to a close, I find that I am in need of scholarly knowledge that may help prevent future raids on our northern shore. Since there is no wizard or sage in White Beard’s Landing to discuss such matters and would like to extend an invitation to you to work in my barony as First Pundit in my council. I understand that this will be a great tax on you and have thus already commissioned a tower to be built for your research. This tower should be twice the size of the tower you currently use. Furthermore, you will have the assistance of Illyana to help keep your tower in order year round. You are aware of her diligence in her duties and welcomes the chance to assist you once again. You will also be able to call on the First Knight, Alastair Truesilver, if you have need in your research. The young noble has proven to be stout of heart and is tenacious in proving his mettle to the kingdom. Finally, I have discovered magical spectacles in our last adventure that allows one to see things in minute detail. Something, I imagine, that would be invaluable in your work. Please send word of your decision so I may make the proper arrangements for your travel.

-Baalthazar Kimbagktuul
Protector of White Beard’s Landing


Excellent…..This is really good….

An Invitation to Council

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