The Gazetteer of Cormyr

News pertaining to Cormyr

Duke William of Northwarden has returned from Suzail and word is that he is under pressure to better defend his duchy from the giant raids from across the Sea of Storms.

Baron Baalthazar, formerly the half-dragon knight of Baron Giogioni Wyvernspur, has been elevated into the Barony of White Beard’s Landing. The town is said to already be prospering and merchants are now considering visiting the place.

King Svybaald of Telemark has sent word to King Roderick II of Cormyr that he has learned that the giants of Raumatharr have built some sort of colony within the fjords to west of his realm. He has suffered several raids from the giants and thinks that the colony within the fjords is the origin of the raids against northern Cormyr marshall from.

The forbidden Cult of the Dragon is said to have designs on one of a number of the baronies along the Sword Coast and Baron Carsyn Rowanmantle of Greenest has sent alarming reports to his liege lord, Count Carthyn Blacksilver of the County of North Forest, that his agents have learned that the area nearby has a large number of cultists operating within.

The Blue Company is rumored to be seeking new charter- this one signed by the new Baron Baalthazar. Moreover, the Moron of Grimhold, a member of the Company, has last month, reportedly slain a hill giant and exterminated a small clan of orcs within the Principality from whence he hails. It is rumored that he travels with a war priest of unknown origin and is seeking to return to the Blue Company.

The barons of the three Counties within the Duchy of the Northern Marches are said to have been embarrassed by the promotion of the lizard knight into their ranks. The Duke has sternly spoke in favor of the lizard and commands his counts to monitor their barons.

The High Priest of the Northwarden’s Temple to the Morninglord, The Citadel of the Northern Dawn, has continued to be alarmed at the rumors of someone preaching in the name of the Xoriati gods. He is said to be meeting with several of his peers within the Duchy of Yorkshire and the Duchy of Lancaster on the topic.

News from the mainland

The Magocracy of Gothaya has started to engage in naval raids upon the Kingdom of Svenlande from across the Bitter Sea, now that the spring thaw is underway. The Lotharian Theocracy is is bracing for renewed warfare from Gothaya upon its eastern frontier.

The Sultan of Calimshan is rumored to have issued letters of Marque to pirates and privateers so that raids along the western coast of Faerun and commence. These raids as said to maybe even go as far north as the coastlines of southern Cormyr.

Rumors within the Duchy of the Northern Marches

  • Duke William of Northwarden is soon to travel south to Suzail to attend a special meeting of the Royal and First Tier Nobility. King Roderick II is said to be growing alarmed by certain events upon the mainland of Faerun.
  • Baron Rallyhorn of White Beard’s Landing was killed last summer in a giant’s raid from across the Sea of Storms. The Rallyhorn noble family did not actually hold hereditary title to that small barony, though they dispute this. Duke William is said to be looking for a noble of “exemplar standing” to fill the vacant noble position.
  • The forbidden Cult of the Dragon is said to be operating within the Duchy and even a Gothayan Red Wizard is rumored to have been spotted out in the moors north of the Lonely Road, somewhere between Merchant Vale and Skullwatch.
  • Giants have been seen making forays along the North Coast, west of White Beard’s Landing. Several fishermen even say they have spotted an encampment of the huge bastards hidden away in the hills several leagues south of the coastline.
  • Sir Balz Spar, the kingdom’s only lizard man citizen and knight, has been making a name for itself near the regions of Eveningstar and Tilverton. It is said that the noble beast travels with a very strange retinue that includes the Moron of Grimhold. Wherever they visit, much silver is said to trade hands….
  • The High Priest of the Northwarden’s Temple to the Morninglord, The Citadel of the Northern Dawn, has announced that the faithful of the Morninglord will not tolerate the appearance of worshippers of the vile and, by word of the King, outlawed,
  • Great Old Ones of the Xoriati Mythos, those foul and sordid deities venerated by the Mind Flayers of the Underdark and of the Mind Reavers of the, thankfully, far-off and twisted lands, dominions and colonies of the accursed Xoriati Imperium. The High Priest has been told that a strange prophet has been proselytizing in the name of the Great Old Ones along Tilverton Way, going so far as to even pass out scrolls and parchments of veneration and praise.

The Gazetteer of Cormyr

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