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Aerth is comprised of two titanic landmasses, Laurasia and Al Zakhara.  We shall take a look at Laurasia.  Novices, therefore, please light another candle and reach the set of scrolls labeled ‘Laurasia’ with your materials.  I shall guide you a small lesson about our great landmass of Laurasia, upon which our home region of Faerun can be found. 

Laurasia is divided into two distinct super regions, Faerun to the west and Kara Tur to the east.  The entire landmass has, as its most northern feature of note, the Great Northern Forests. These forests, or rather, they can really be considered one massive forest, which stretch to encompass the entire northern portion of Laurasia south of the inhospitable White and Northern Wastes. Nothing of note, save Rautathan, exists north of the Great Northern Forests. The Great Northern Forests a gigantic barrier across the entire northern known world.

Faerun and Kara Tur are separated in the middle by the proximity of the following terrestrial areas;  the Great Desolation, the Sea of Dust, and the Horde Lands. It is these terrestrial areas which act as an effective cultural barrier betwixt Faerun and Kara Tur. These regions are deserts, steppes and empty places which are very sparsely populated, yet, where there is life, it is most certainly foul, violent and (mostly) uncivilized. Of the sentient races that exist within these three areas, the most notable are the tribes of orcs, hobgoblins, and wild humans. What culture they do have, most certainly, centers upon being nomadic. Interestingly, one can, note that there does exist a blending of some aspects of Faerunian and Kara Turan culture that can be seen amongst the more advanced human and hobgoblin tribes.

Now to focus more upon our home region, Faerun, as we are well aware, is the western super region of Laurasia and it extends to the west-northwest from the Great Desolation and the Sea of Dust. It is bounded on its far southeast terminus by the the Great Sand Sea which lies within the Nafud peninsula.  The Caliphate of Rashidun straddles the lands where Laurasia and the smaller, yet still enormous landmass of Al Zakhara join together.  West and south of the caliphate the burning lands of the Great Raurin Desert disappear into a torrid and deadly vastness Al Zakhara beyond.  The temperate and resource rich Sea of Fallen Stars comprises the southern terminus of this super region.  The northern shores of the Sea of Fallen Stars, within Faerun of course, hold myriad port cities of all types of human polities.  Yet, within them are sprinkled a number of small dwarven realms that lie within and under the various mountain ranges and rugged northern coastal areas.  A small realm of peaceable giants flourishes as an island kingdom in the western reaches of the Sea of Fallen Stars and many civilized races live within the realms of man as citizens.  Yet, despite Faerun being populated in the majority by humankind, it is the elves who still hold sway politically and culturally within the boundaries of several remnant polities. They are potent reminders that this was once a western world dominated by, none other, than the long lived fair folk.  Indeed, the most powerful political and cultural entity in Faerun is still that of the elven Empire of Vyshaantar which ever stands as a sparkling (and still immensely rich) reminder of the regal splendor of the elves.  We all are very well aware that will of the Vyshaantari emperor still must be considered in all of the myriad courts of Faerun. 

Continuing on with the geographical discourse, Faerun’s western (and hence Laurasia’s) terminus is, of course, the Great Western Ocean.  No ship has sailed out from the elven realm of Earelann further west than several hundred leagues and ever returned.  However, north of Earelann to the far northwest of Faerun, beyond the Sea of Storms and the dwarven kingdom of Morridan lay the frigid island realms of Winter Isle and Iceland Isle. It is rumored that there are cold and uninviting lands farther west of them but no learned sages can yet be certain. The northern terminus of Faerun is comprised of the Great Icy Ocean which lay beyond the bitter shores North Land and the White Wastes.  This is where several grim and foreboding polities of giants and battle crazed humans abide in a frozen and perpetual state of war.  Again, as touched upon previously, the northeast and eastern aspects of the super region are bounded by the Great Northern Forests and the hostile Horde Lands, from whence trolls, giants and orcs raid in an eternal dance of death with the eastern polities of Faerun such as Vaasa, Gothaya, Damarra and the likes of the slave trading realms which ring the Sea of Vapors.  Lastly, we have already addressed the southeastern extent of Faerun bordered by the Great Sand Sea and the Great Desolation, so no need to further expound here at this time. Suffice it to say, that the civilized realms of our beloved Faerun know very well that the embrace of death and the madness of chaos exists in all directions beyond the super region.  
Now, my novices, far off Kara Tur is, of course, the larger of Laurasia’s two super regions.  Kara Tur extends east and north from the Great Desolation and the Sea of Dust.  However, a large part of south western Kara Tur is comprised of the region known as Kumari Kandam.  This large wedge shaped mass of land protrudes out of Kara Tur and into the Great Southern Ocean as if it were a separate landmass which crashed into Laurasia.  Perhaps, this collision, if it really occurred during times lost to the past, helped form the Great Sky Wall Mountains, which comprise its northern terminus. 

Kumari Kandam is home to a number of strange human polities, realms of cat people with hearts of malice and kingdoms of evil pernicious lizardmen. As for the Sky Wall Mountains themselves, they number the highest peaks of all in Aerth are said to be the largest home to many dragons of all types. The Sky Walls are also the realm of giants and foul creatures who prey upon all who are weaker than they. This expanse of mountains is the largest region of Laurasia where truly colossal beings roam free and unhindered by the civilizations of sentient beings.

Looking east, then, past the fabled and dangerous lands of Kumari Kandam, one can find the mystical polities and strange lands of the far east. These human realms number many and are dominated by the huge and magical Empire of Shou Lung. Yet, there abound untold numbers of intelligent but malevolent creatures which exist to vex all in their way.  The great super region of Kara Tur continues both to the northeast and to the southeast.  The northeast is bounded a cold expanse known as the Forests of the Ancients, which are, actually, from what we can surmise, the eastern end of the Great Northern Forests. Beyond the eastern shoreline of Laurasia, number several large island realms of which we have very little knowledge. They lie within sailing distance along the navigable parts of the boundless Great Celestial Ocean.  Just as the Great Western Ocean, here, outside of our walls, swallows up those who venture to the far west, of those who sail into the Great Celestial Ocean and head farther east, no one, we have been told, has ever returned.  

And finally, my young novices, at such extreme distance it almost boggles the mind, far, far to the southeast, Kara Tur extends into the distance where a realm known as Hanam descends into a vast archipelago made of heat, steam and jungle vastness of which nothing is known.  

The Sage of Suzail


Cormyr_symbol.jpgCormyr (pronounced core-MEER, also known as the Forest Country and the Land of the Purple Dragon) was an independent nation in Interior Faerûn. It was historically one of the most prosperous countries of Faerûn.

The Blue Company

blue_company.png The Blue Company was formed on 18th of Hammer in the 1300 year since the shattering of the Elven Empire. The band of individuals were hired by the mage Cerulyiann to recover a family heirloom he had tracked to a group of marauding orks led by a priest of Gruumsh. After their initial defeat they added more members to the band. The groups name was purely by accident when the bard, Renny the Sot, named them after their employer in jest. To legally adventure in Cormyr the band needed a company name and for lack of a better one, put ‘The Blue Company’ on the charter.

Adventuring Charter for The Blue Company

Brotherhood of the Griffon

griffin.pngThe Brotherhood of the Griffon was a mercenary company led by Aoth Fezim. The organization took its name from its griffon riders. Although the Brotherhood was best known for its griffon riders, they had companies of archers and spearmen as well. The Brotherhood was a continuation of Aoth’s Thayan Griffon Legion and is currently employed by the ancient Red dragon Tchazzar.

Adventuring Charter for the Brotherhood of the Griffon

Kilij Ejderham

The Kilij Ejderham is a warrior-mage brotherhood in the southern dragonkith lands. They train in the crusade for the Morninglord Amunator.

Company of the Iron Shield


Band of the Wight Shield


The Band of the Wight Shield was formed on 18th of Flamerule in the 1300 year since the shattering of the Elven Empire. The group was formed by the surviving members of the Blue Company and the Company of the Iron Shield.

Adventuring Charter for the Band of the Wight Shield

Sir Baalthazar Kimbagktuul


White Beard’s Landing Barony


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  • Dual Path – gain a feature from a different path in your class.
  • Weapon Focus – gain the ability to hit better with a specific weapon or ray spell.
  • Weapon Specialization – gain the ability to do greater damage with a weapon or ray spell


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