Brotherhood of the Griffon


Thayan War

In the years after the spellplague, Aoth founded the Brotherhood in Aglarond. The Brotherhood worked for Aglarond but, when Aoth learned of Szass Tam’s plan to conduct the Ritual of Unmaking, the Brotherhood broke their contract with Aglarond, even going so far as to fight their former employers.

Aoth led the Brotherhood and the Zulkirs’ forces into Thay where they sucessfully disrupted Szass Tam’s ritual, possibly saving Toril from destruction.

After defeating Szass Tam, Aoth led the Brotherhood to Impiltur where they took a contract to eliminate a cult of demon worshipers. The Brotherhood was betrayed by a noble and were unable to save a village from destruction by the cult. Because of their failure, they were dismissed from their employment in Impiltur.

After the disaster in Impiltur, the only employment the Brotherhood could find was with a noble from Luthcheq. There had been a series of mysterious murders in the city and the noble was concerned that the city militia was unable to maintain order. Aoth and the Brotherhood tracked down and killed the murderers who were Abishai disguised as dragonborn.

Two officers in the Brotherhood discovered Tchazzar imprisoned in the Shadowfell. They rescued Tchazzar and he returned to Chessenta to reclaim his throne.

Shortly after Tcahazzar’s return, Threskel invaded Chessenta. The Brotherhood lifted the siege of Soolabax and were key to defeating the Threskelan forces in two battles that ended the war and forced Threskel to become a vassal state of Chessenta.

Tymanther Conflict

After Alasklerbanbastos was destroyed, Aoth and Cera Eurthos, a priestess of Amaunator, took the dracolich’s phylactery and resurrected his soul into the body of a young blue dragon. During questioning, Alasklerbanbastos revealed that he and Tchazzar were participants in the draconic game of Xorvintaal and that Tchazzar was attempting to conquer the human lands on the southern side of the Sea of Fallen Stars to score points. Tchazzar intended to manipulate Akanûl into joining forces with Chessenta to invade Tymanther.

In order to prevent the war, Aoth and Cera travelled to Akanûl to convince Queen Arathane not to ally with Tchazzar. At the same time another officer, Khouryn Skulldark, journeyed to High Imaskar to ask the Imaskari to ally with Tymanther. Both groups were successful in their missions but Tchazzar continued to plan his invasion of Tymanther.

Tchazzar later learned of the Brotherhood’s manipulations and attacked Aoth’s forces, setting off the Battle of Luthcheq. The Brotherhood of the Griffon along with allied Akanûlan troops and Chessentans loyal to Shala Karanok defeated Tchazzar’s forces and killed Tchazzar.

The Brotherhood’s success against Tchazzar redeemed their reputation as a mercenary troop. Because of the political instability of the Southern Sea of Fallen Stars, Aoth intended to keep the Brotherhood in Chessenta in the hopes of future income.

The Northern Campaign

Because of their renown, the Brotherhood was hired by Lord Seaven Carter to reclaim his lands in the north. The Brotherhood beset by giants and wiped out. One survivor fled, carrying the wounded lord back to his homeland in Cormyr. As per the dying command of his leader, he is recruiting members to form a new Brotherhood.

Notable Members

Surviving Members
Falin Hogar – Swordmage, last surviving member of the Brotherhood

Deceased Members
Aoth Fezim – Swordmage leader of the Brotherhood
Jhesrhi Coldcreek – The Brotherhood’s most powerful mage
Gaedynn Ulraes – Archer and officer
Khouryn Skulldark – Dwarven warrior and officer

Brotherhood of the Griffon

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