Tag: NPC


  • Beobarius The Magnificent

    Seventh Generation servant he has grown up and groomed in the royalty presence but due to the customs of the north does not bow his head in subservience to anyone but the house of Thrax. indignantly keeping his head high as a sign of respect for them.

  • Valorous The Chaste

    Val accompanies Prince Thrax on all his journey's and has even begun a series of books regaling all the less adventurous nobility into a fervor of adventure and intrigue taking artistic license with his physical description she exaggerates more than just …

  • Reginald the Stumpy

    The head of the Servants accompanying Thrax he is the only one allowed to speak to anyone outisde of their general duties and is most often the only one visible. Whenever Val orders something to be done she orders Reginald to do it, in anticipation of …