Valorous The Chaste

Refined and accustomed to the noble life. there is never a spot of grime upon her countenance.


Tall and attractive she longs for the days where she can stay indoors and read/study up on local customs, languages or even historical events of the age.
it is uncanny that she never has any speck of dirt or stain on her dresses. A secret that is discounted and waved off if addressed.


Val accompanies Prince Thrax on all his journey’s and has even begun a series of books regaling all the less adventurous nobility into a fervor of adventure and intrigue taking artistic license with his physical description she exaggerates more than just that to make his exploits seem the most daring and dangerous of events.
One of his earlier accounts how he single handedly waded through an army of orcs, challenging their half giant half demon general into a duel for the outcome of the battle and was double crossed during his duel and was forced to fight poisoned to victory….

Valorous The Chaste

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