Reginald the Stumpy

Short, squat, and mostly illtempered.


He is reputed in whispers to be half goblin half kobold, or halfling, or other unmentionables. Reggy is quite ill tempered, and hunchbacked. Appearing to be old but spritely perhaps he is just naturally quite unattractive.


The head of the Servants accompanying Thrax he is the only one allowed to speak to anyone outisde of their general duties and is most often the only one visible. Whenever Val orders something to be done she orders Reginald to do it, in anticipation of Prince Thrax’s wishes.
it is unknown how long he has been in the servitude or how he came to be. but it appears he is taken to Thrax and only Thrax with any sort of polite demeanor.

Reginald the Stumpy

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