Maximus Thrax

first soon of Beorhtric of Grimhold, Rakish duelist, moron of the north,, Seldom seen in court.


Shorter than the tallest dwarves on record. He is an impressive exercise in the purity of royalty. as he is obviously not of common ilk. his golden hair and saphire eyes leave you with udder admiration at his impressive holdings. his small wiry frame leads many to underestimate him, and confuse his herald as the heir to the north.
Always seen with three hangers-on, Valorous The Chastethe beautiful Herald whom finds everything repugnant about everything in any situation she is in.
Beobarius The MagnificentThe massively jovial Servant who towers above Maximus in both size and age. his formidable constitution has been the saving grace in staving off the poison he imbibed as the taster for Prince Thrax. upon only the most diligent of observation it is noticed that everything brought to him is intercepted and tasted by his manservant. the reason he does not eat is because he is always eating from Thrax food and drink first. In the wildly popular novels that Thrax’s herald is writing about his exploits, she regularly describes the prince to look as his manservant.
Reginald the StumpyThe “head” of the rest of his servants the ever disdainful Half-Goblin butler. in the north or in the winter, when it is frigid and frostbite threatens your fingers, he is quite happy and content. but otherwise his remarks are short and his gravelly voice rarely encoutnered beyond short grunts.


Maximus Is heir to the throne of the north, the fellfrost. but in his ambassadorship to the south he has grown accustomed to the pleasures and luxuries of the the nobility. while he still enjoys the cold embrace of nature, he always returns to the confines of civility. where you do not have to work every day just to survive, where you can laze about and they follow the ways of the duel and gasp in awe at martial prowess.

Maximus Thrax

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