Illyana Kimbagktuul

"Milord, Sir Alastair is looking at me funny again."

Illyana Kimbagktuul
Home Traveling
Gender Female
Race Half-Elf
Born Marpenoth 5th, 1276
Alignment Chaotic good
Class Cook 3

Illyana is a half-elf slave from Calimshan. She was captured as a child and used in the harem of a Caliph. Years of abuse has made her very co-dependent. In a daring raid against the Caliph Baalthazar, Shedinn, and Zasheir liberated the young half-elf. When Baalthazar attempted to set he free, the fearful child collapsed on the street and cried not knowing what to do. Ashamed, Baalthazar brought the girl with him as he traveled north. After several years, the half-elf learned to trust her two companions and even enjoyed their travels, but always kept to herself in town. She works hard to serve her companions, tending their mounts and belongings to the best of her abilities. She has become a good field cook and makes most of their meals while on the road.

Since the girl had no family, Baalthazar offered to have her join his clan, against Shedinn’s protests. Excited by the prospect, Illyana gladly accept. Since then she has been fiercely loyal to Baalthazar. Although she rarely speaks out against others, she has been known to risk harm to pull others to safety.

Since Baalthazar’s knighting and awarding of a squire, Illyana has noticed Alastair staring at her on long travels. She avoids the young noble whenever she can.

Illyana Kimbagktuul

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