Hanam Majid Ibn al Adani

"Infidels, all of them."


Hanam is a spice merchant, one of a number who market rare and exotic spices to Cormyrians. Yet he is the only one of the merchants to hail from the mysterious collection of kingdoms, emirates, sultanates, and caliphates collectively known as ‘Al Qadim’. Hanam is specifically from the Caliphate of Rashidun, the desert realm which straddles both the landmasses of Al Zakhara and Kara-Tur.

Hanam feels greatly dishonored by being ‘silenced’ by a half-orc priest….he can, if he chooses to, suspend his spice dealing within the barony. This would be unfortunate as the populace of White Beard’s Landing has shown a demand for things such as pepper, cinnamon and other such things. His means of supply, his contacts and other aspects of his operation, are hard to replicate and attempts to do so could, if successful, at the very least, greatly increase the prices your people would have to pay for spices.

Hanam Majid Ibn al Adani

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