Tales from the Road Less Traveled

The Purple Dragon

The Tale of Sir Drake

Knight_drake.gifBaalthazar kneels behind the urn of Sir Lichtenstein. The morning sun warms his face as it rises higher into the morning sky. There was a chill in the air this spring morning of Mirtul. The raiding season of the giants would start soon and he has not seen his brother in two days. His eyes are closed, but still feels the penetrating of the Morninglord fill his body. He longs to remain in prayer and let the day pass without needing to address the issues of the people, his brother, or his restless companions. One of the kobolds yip beside him; they have never had to sit still this long and are getting restless. The sound of movement in front of him interrupts his reverie, and Balthazar’s eyes snap open.

The morning sun blinds his vision making the hulking figure before him a shadowy silhouette. The kobolds, creatures of the dark, scamper behind Baalthazar, taking defensive stances and blocking the sun with their wiry arms. Baalthazar sees his Lord’s head; it make derisive snort and says, “You have much work to do.”

“Salve draco dominum,” calls the traveler in high elvish as he dismounts his large black steed. “I am Sir Drake, Purple Dragon of Cormyr. You are Lord Baalthazar, I take it?”

Baalthazar stands to get a clear look at the traveler. He wears a white tabard with a purple dragons over polished platemail and carries a shield with the crest of two drakes. The kobolds yip and chatter behind Baalthazar, weaving between each other in a confusing pattern.

“I am indeed, Sir Drake, what bring you to Drachenheim.”

“The Dragonhome? How appropriate. I am here at your service. I was communing at the Citadel of the Northern Dawn and Lathander made my path clear. I am here to train with you.”

“You seek to learn the ways of the Kilij Ejderham?” While it was not unknown to induct humans into the Sword Dragon Order, Baalthazar had never seen one in his lifetime. Sir Drake’s confused look told Baalthazar this was not his quest.

“Nay, my lord. The family Drake has always supported the just dragons of the North. My bloodline is blessed with that of your kin. I am here to pledge my sword to you. You are a knight as I and I came to train you with what I know. I was hoping you would return the gesture. And I here you have giants to practice on.”

Baalthazar smiles at Sir Drake. He had grown weary of humans and their machinations. The Morninglord most assuredly sent Sir Drake to remind the Dragonkith that humans were not that different from his own people.

“Come sir Drake, let us speak over a pint of ale. Perhaps we can learn from one another.”

“You travel with kobolds, Lord Baalthazar?”

“The carry the same blood as you and I good knight. Would we be just in not providing a chance to serve the Morninglord?”

“Indeed my lord, point taken.”


Nice…….I like this…..

The Purple Dragon

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