Tales from the Road Less Traveled

The Moron of Grimhold

The small framed savage stood still in the dark moonlight being stared at by his entourage, and newly acquired traveling companion, whom he decreed an embodiment of Tyr the Northern god of War. his frame drenched in the blood of the hill giant they just faced, entrails and gore littered the campsite…

“with your bare hands? Max come on…” Valorous motherly tone was as cross as ever, their new woodelf cleric companion snickered in the dim firelight.

“I… gran always said you had to before your strength returne to normal.” sheepishly staring at the ground, his polite and sheepish demeanor opposite his feral combat ferocity.

“I don’t think that’s what she meant young one.” Beobarious chimed in attempting to stop a berating. “I’m sure she meant to do it quickly, but didn’t literally mea-”

“It doesn’t matter what she meant Beobarious, it is not something one does in civilized company. I would understand in front of us, but our woodelf companion is of a noble race and I dare to think what her opinion is of our near king after having witnessed this…event…” Valorous interupted.

“But Bob, Val, I have to eat the heart before the magic leaves. that’s the only way I can get stronger. killing something more powerful than me, eating it’s heart, and finding another. I want to prove I’m not useless. if I can’t be smart then I can be strong. I’ll die before I admit that I cannot become famous for my strength.” Max said as a group of servants ushered forward with buckets of water to begin cleaning him off.

“Well let me see if I can do something about keeping you presentable at least. we can use the leaves you found in the den to find a weapon that slays large creatures. Keen, or Maiming, or Flaming, or whatever the kids are calling it nowadays…”

The regal noble looking woman entered the mastiff’s end with a disgusted look on her face, seeing the wares she knew she was in the right place.

“you kind don’ com’ere much. what say you?” the pock marked blacksmith tending the circled forge in the center of the shop didn’t look up from his coals as she turned her nose at the stench.

“I need an axe that can cleave this easily. we are hunting dragons and I am told an axe that can cleave the skull of a giant, can pierce the scales of dragons…” Valorous said flatly as a servant dropped the skull of a giant on the floor, a large gash already in it’s skull.

“I think you have that you are looking for already madam? that mark there is from an axe I see…”

“That is from the strength of it’s owner an the final blow which felled this monstrosity, however the weapon used was sundered in the attempt. and we require one better…”

“Ah, well miss, it seems you want something harder than the common iron, I think I might have some adamantine that I can intersperse with some gold, to give it flexibility and keep it’s cutting edge, work like that doesn’t come cheap madam, the weight and balance that helps with unerringly striking your opponent is lost as the gold overwieghts the blade. but the lost accuracy makes up for it as it would cleave this skull in twain… The edge will stay keen, and slice clear through to vital organs much more easily than a normal weapon. I do not mean to insult your integrity but I do not have the money to buy the materials to craft the weapon. would you have downpayment so that I may start?”



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