Tales from the Road Less Traveled

The Flametouge

Pock strides confidently through the gates of the keep at White Beard’s Landing. His crimson cloak still wet from his journey across the Sea of Storms.

“Good day Magi Pock. It is good to see you again.” The gate guard smiles at the diminutive visitor.

“My apologies good sir, I have not the time for pleasantries. I must see the lord immediately.” Pock thrusts a small package wrapped in linen and tied with twine into the gate guards hands as he walks past. Pock calls over shoulder without breaking stride. “Elf Bread cookies, they go excellent with mead.”

Pock winds his way through the keep with rote familiarity until he reaches to the audience hall. Two of the Eldritch Griffins stand guard at the door.

“Halt, little one. The Baron is not to be disturbed while in council.” Both guards grip their weapons as Pock reaches into his pack and produces two more linen wrapped packages.

“By the 26th rule of hospitality, I request audience from host by the urgency preset by him. I offer these gifts as per custom to amend any hurt feelings.” Pock holds out the packages for each of the Griffin soldiers.

The guards look at one another in confusion.

“For Tymora’s sake… Lord Baalthazar is expecting me and if you don’t let me pass, he’ll likely throw you back in whatever dungeon you were found.” One the guards, probably the one with the most intelligence, proceeds to open the door causing Baalthazar and Zasheir to look up from the papers they were discussing.

“My Lord, this gnome states that you are expecting him.” Seeing pock at the doorway Baalthazar nods and waves him in. Pock holds out the packages and waits for the guards to take them. Shaking his hands in urgency the guards, finally take the gifts.

“Elf bread cookies; they are really quite good with mead.” Pock whispers as he closes the door. The magely gnome strides proudly to the table that Baalthazar sits behind. “I found it sire, it was exactly where Saraphus said it would. Behold the Flametounge.”

Pock retrieves the sword from the Heward’s Handy Haversack that Baalthazar had lent him and presents the sword to Lord Baalthazar.



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