Tales from the Road Less Traveled

Fellmarg's Tomb

The journey to Fellmarg’s tomb seems calm an idyllic in the southern duchies of Cormyr, and even though the Order of the Griffon had no horses, there spirits remain high, mostly. Bulwurk boasts of the deeds they would accomplish and the songs that would be sung in their honor. Sora speaks little, and entirely in elvish, but the others cannot help but enjoy her presence as they walk. Often she will sprint ahead of the group to examine some bird or pick berries from trees. Stone plods along happily. Unlike other dwarves, Stone speaks often of gold and gems, and the best ways to find them. He claims he can even sniff out gold. For the other companions he speaks plainly and straight forward, but never passes an opportunity to jeer at Lucky, who appears to be the only member not enjoying their trek.

“I mean it Stone, I do not see why we can’t buy one horse. A small horse. A cheap. Small. Horse.” exclaims Lucky as he the group takes a break from their march. “I jest not when I say that I will be no good in a fight if my feet are battered and bruised.” Lucky had taken off his boots and is rubbing his feet, trying his best to present and honest visage of pain and suffering.

“Ye doan need a herse, Looky. The walk isn’t nearly as bod ’ere in the south lands. Moradan es coovered en rockeh heels that will really broose yer wee feet. An we cannae affoord a herse. Mehbe after we be compliten this mission fer the prince.” Stone takes a large bite from his dried venison as Sora came running back down the path. Lucky expects she found some rare skunk or another yellow flower that captivated her.

“Lufanis gowere moshen hai Fellmarg,” she exclaims excitingly. Bulwark and Lucky both turn to the dwarf, who has become her interpreter for the group. Sighing, Stone translates.

“She says we ‘ave foond the entrance to the toomb of Fellmarg, an that Looky should put back on his bewts ’cus he’s oopsetting the balence uf nature here.”

“You made that last part up Stone.” The troop quickly crested the hill revealing the cursed Tomb of Fellmarg.



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